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rss GMAT Practice Question (One of Hundreds)
Although similar in taste, funnel cakes and elephant ears are prepared from different materials, batter and dough, respectively; their appearance is different because of this.
Correct Answer: E
When using a pronoun, the antecedent must be clear.

The antecedents of the pronouns in this sentence are unclear. Their could refer to either funnel cakes and elephant ears or batter and dough. This is also a very vague word, and to what this refers is unclear.

  1. The pronouns their and this are vague and do not have clear antecedents.
  2. The pronoun it is vague and does not have a clear antecedent.
  3. Causing is a participle, which is not preceded by a noun. This participle incorrectly has no noun to modify.
  4. This clause is wordy and does not convey the information in the most concise manner.
  5. This sentence relates the information in a concise manner without the use of unclear pronouns.