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rss GMAT Practice Question (One of Hundreds)
With a large faculty, significant research budget, and well respected professors, Allen University has one of the most respected sociology programs in the United States. At Allen University, all students who complete a master's degree in sociology submit a thesis, but only those with qualifying grades are accepted into the PhD program. Some master's degree students do not have grades that are high enough to qualify and graduate only with a master's degree.
Which of the following follows logically from the passage above?
Correct Answer: E

This statement tells us that master's students from the sociology department at Allen are accepted into the doctoral program at that university only on the condition that they have qualifying grades. We are told that all master's students submit a thesis and that not all have qualifying grades. Thus, it must be true that some students who submit a thesis do not have grades high enough to qualify them for the PhD – an answer that appears as Answer Choice E.

  1. The passage tells us that those students who apply to the PhD program but do not have qualifying grades graduate with only a master's degree, but it does not say that all master's students apply for the doctoral degree. Thus, there may be some students with qualifying grades who graduate with only a master's degree because they do not apply for the PhD.
  2. This is not necessarily true – students applying to the doctoral program could have earned a master's degree elsewhere.
  3. This could be true, but is not necessarily true. Because the passage does not provide enough information, we cannot select this answer.
  4. This choice has the same flaw as Answer Choice A; some students could have had qualifying grades but not applied to the doctoral program.
  5. The passage tells us that all master's students submit a thesis, but not all are admitted into the Ph.D. program; this is the correct answer choice.