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rss GMAT Practice Question (One of Hundreds)
Louis has written four papers, on which he has received an average of 78%. His lowest-scoring paper is automatically dropped. After dropping, his average for the three remaining papers is 84%. What was the score of his lowest-scoring paper?
Correct Answer: E
Set up equations for the averages before and after dropping.
  1. Let T be the total score of the four papers
    Let d be the score of the dropped paper.
  2. The average of all four papers:
    T / 4 = 78
  3. Solve for T:
    T = (4)(78)
    T = 312
  4. After the lowest paper, d, is dropped, the sum of the three remaining papers is: T - d.
  5. The average of the remaining three papers:
    (T - d) / 3 = 84
    Since we know T:
    (312 - d) / 3 = 84
  6. Solve for d:
    Multiply by 3: (312 - d)= 3(84)
    312 - d = 252
    312 - 252 = d
    d = 60
  7. Answer choice E is correct.