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rss GMAT Practice Question (One of Hundreds)
The scoring in tennis, unlike many other sports, does not progress numerically by integers, but progresses by fifteen points per play until the final two points of the game; a tennis game begins at love and continues to fifteen, thirty, forty, and the winning point.
Correct Answer: E
Make sure that the two items being compared are in parallel form. Make sure that the subjects of all the sentences and clauses agree with the verbs. Place phrases in the best location to provide clarity.

This question focuses on parallelism when comparing two items and subject-verb agreement. The original sentence incorrectly compares the scoring in tennis to many other sports. In order to make the comparison parallel, either tennis should be compared to many other sports or the scoring in tennis should be compared to the scoring in many other sports. The singular verb does agrees with the singular noun scoring and is correct as is.

  1. This sentence incorrectly compares scoring in tennis with many other sports.
  2. The plural verb do does not agree with singular subject scoring.
  3. This sentence, although grammatically correct, is not put together in the most logical manner, the prepositional phrase unlike the scoring in many other sports is best placed immediately after the scoring in tennis, which it modifies. This makes the comparison clearer.
  4. This sentence correctly compares the scoring in tennis with the scoring in many other sports. The singular verb does agrees with the singular subject scoring, and the sentence conveys the information in the most clear and direct manner.