While there is no substitute for writing essays with good grammar, solid reasoning, and clever insights, the following tips are helpful for composing 6.0 AWA essays.

General Tips

Although many of the tips below are rather obvious components of cogent writing, we nonetheless include them as we have seen otherwise strong test-takers forget these important points of solid writing and score well below their potential on the AWA.

  1. Make Three or Four Points per Essay
  2. Use Well-Developed and Relevant Examples to Support Major Points
  3. Vary Your Diction
  4. Avoid Unnecessarily Long Sentences
  5. Use Transition Words
  6. Include an Introduction & Conclusion
  7. Leave Time to Proof Your Essays Thoroughly

Analysis of an Issue Tips

  1. Acknowledge the Complexity of the Issue in the Introduction
  2. Anticipate and Rebut A Counterpoint
  3. There is No "Right" Position, Simply Argue Your Position Well

Analysis of an Argument Tips

  1. Thoroughly Understand the Argument Before Commencing Writing
  2. Offer A Suggestion for Improving the Argument
  3. Find Two or Three Major Flaws With the Argument and Expand on Them