How to Approach Problem Solving Questions

Problem Solving questions tend to be the most straight-forward on the GMAT. Although the best way to approach problem solving questions is the way that helps you the most, you may want to consider approaching each question as follows:

  1. Read the question stem and answer choices carefully.
  2. Simplify the question stem and answer choices (to the extent possible).
  3. Solve the problem.
  4. Look for the answer among the possible choices.
  5. If you have extra time or are within the first 10 questions, you should consider spending 15 seconds double-checking your work. Re-read the question to make sure you answered the intended question (e.g., if it asked for 2x, you did not answer with the value of x). In addition, ask yourself if the answer makes sense (e.g., if you are asked to find 115% of a number and your final value is less than your original value, you made an error and need to go back).