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Quick Facts

Successful Applicant Profile

Since the Haas School of Business is a leader in innovative thought and action, the successful applicant should possess skills and experience where innovation blossoms. It is to the advantage of the Haas applicant to exhibit creativity and innovation while, at the same time, being able to work productively on a team. Applicants with ideas or experience in entrepreneurship would fit into the Haas emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation.

The location of the Haas School of Business in the San Francisco area lends itself to the tremendous resources of Silicon Valley.

  • GMAT Score: 710+
  • Work Experience: 5 years
  • Undergraduate Education: Tier 1 University
  • Undergraduate GPA: 3.5
  • Future Career Path: Finance, Marketing

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Reputation & Job Prospects

See the rankings page for the school's rank in various publications.

The Haas School of Business consistently ranks as one of the best in the country. Their programs based on innovation, technology, and international business management are widely recognized for excellence.

The Haas graduate will undoubtedly follow a career in finance/accounting, marketing/sales, general management, or consulting. Haas graduates will easily earn over $100K upon graduation.

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Notable Faculty (Past & Present)

  • Shapiro, Carl - Chief Economist in the U.S. Department of Justice's Antitrust Division
  • Teece, David J - Director, Institute of Management, Innovation and Organization
  • Varian, Hal - Chief Economist, Google
  • Yellen, Janet - President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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School History

The Haas School of Business started in 1898 as the College of Commerce of the University of California. It was the first business school at a public university in the U.S. The College of Commerce began with a traditional liberal arts focus and, after World War I, changed to a curriculum more centered on business.

The College of Commerce hired the first full-time accounting professor in the country, Henry Rand Hatfield, who started in 1904.

Enrollment at the College steadily increased to 1,540 students in 1938. In 1942 the name of the college was changed to the Department of Business Administration. Then, in 1943, the name of the department was changed to the School of Business Administration and a one year program was started.

The mid-50's were an important time in the history of Haas. The Graduate School of Business Administration opened in 1955, offering the MBA degree. 1956 saw yet another degree offered, the Doctorate in Business Administration as well as the executive education programs.

From the start of the graduate programs in the mid-50's to the present, there has been tremendous growth at Haas, in programs, endowments and buildings.

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  • Margo Alexander, BS 68, Chairman, Acumen Fund, former Executive Vice President, UBS Paine Webber
  • Barbara Desoer, MBA 77, President, Consumer Products, Bank of America
  • Stephanie DiMarco, BS 79, Chairman, Advent Software
  • Tom Fanoe, MBA 69, President, Joe Boxer
  • Donald Fisher, BS 50, Chairman & Founder, Gap Inc.
  • Michael R. Gallagher, BS 67, MBA 68, CEO, Playtex Products
  • Walter A. Haas, Jr., BS 37, President, CEO, and Chairman, Levi Strauss & Co.
  • John Hanke, MBA 96, Founder and CEO of Keyhole, Inc., Co-creator and Product Director of Google Earth
  • Cathie Lesjak, MBA 86, CFO, Hewlett-Packard
  • Paul Merage, BS 66, MBA 68, Co-founder, Chef America, co-inventor of Hot Pockets, and benefactor of Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine
  • Michael Milken, BS 68, Highly influential in developing the market for junk bonds
  • Norman Mineta, BS 53, US Secretary of Transportation
  • Shantanu Narayen, MBA 93, CEO of Adobe Systems
  • Paul Otellini, MBA 74, President and CEO Intel
  • Rudolph A. Peterson, BS 1925, President and CEO of Bank of America
  • John Riccitiello, BS 81, CEO of Electronic Arts, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Elevation Partners
  • Michael Wood, MBA 79, Founder, Leapfrog Enterprises
  • Donald Wurster, MBA 80, President, National Indemnity Co.

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