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Computer Games Plus needs to get rid of its copies of an old computer game. If it lowers the cost of the old computer game by $5 dollars, it can increase sales of the old computer game by 10 units and still generate exactly $100 of revenue from the old game. How many units of the old computer game did Computer Games Plus sell after implementing the new selling strategy?
Correct Answer: C
Set up a set of equations for each selling strategy.
  1. Assign variables to pieces of the problem:
    Let n = number of computer game units sold with the old strategy
    Let p = price of computer game per unit with the old strategy
  2. We know that before the new strategy, the total revenue was $100. Based on the number of copies sold at the price of the old strategy:
    np = $100.
  3. We know that with the new strategy, the total revenue was $100. Based on 10 more copies sold and a $5 reduction in the price per unit:
    (n+10)(p-$5) = $100.
  4. Expand this second equation:
    np - 5n + 10p - 50 = 100.
  5. From the first equation, we know that np = $100, so plug that in for np:
    100 - 5n + 10p - 50 = 100.
  6. From the first equation, if we divide by n, we end up with p = $100/n. Plug this value in for p:
    100 - 5n + 10(100/n) - 50 = 100.
  7. Combine like terms:
    50 - 5n + 1000/n = 100.
  8. Subtract 50 from each side:
    1000/n - 5n = 50.
  9. Divide by 5:
    200/n - n = 10.
  10. Multiply through by n:
    200 - n2 = 10n
  11. Subtract 10n from both sides:
    200 - n2 - 10n = 0
  12. Rearrange:
    -n2 - 10n + 200 = 0
  13. Multiply by -1:
    n2 + 10n - 200 = 0
  14. Factor the quadratic:
    (n+20)(n-10) = 0
  15. Thus n= -20, or n=10. Since n cannot be negative, n in this case must be 10. However, do not be tricked into choosing A at this point. We want the number sold with the new strategy, not the old.
  16. n=10 means 10 copies were sold with the old strategy. The new strategy sold 10 more, resulting in a total of 20 copies sold.
    nnew = nold + 10 = 10 + 10 = 20
    The answer is C.

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