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Most who possess good social skills have not failed to master the art of flattery. On the contrary, some people issue compliments that appear overly forced or forceful. Social skills are without exception indispensible for success in the field of public relations.
Which of the following statements follows most logically from the information above?
Correct Answer: B

As in all questions that ask you to identify a sentence that follows most logically from a given statement, the correct answer choice will be conclusively supported by the information in the statement. Incorrect answer choices cannot be proven with the information provided. This question requires you to interpret some confusing phrasing. For example, the fact that "social skills are without exception indispensible for success in the field of public relations" means that all who are successful in public relations possess these skills.

  1. Success in public relations requires good social skills, but only most – not all – with good social skills have mastered the art of flattery. Thus, someone who issues forced compliments may still have good social skills and, therefore, succeed in public relations.
  2. As public relations executives have evidently been successful in the field, this is a restatement of the last sentence of the prompt. This is the correct answer.
  3. Someone who issues forced complements has not mastered the art of flattery, but he or she may still have good social skills; only some, not all, with good social skills have done so.
  4. While social skills are required for success in public relations, mastering the art of flattery is not required in order to have good social skills.
  5. You may be tempted to infer this from personal experience, but there is no support for this conclusion in the statement.

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