GMAT Critical Reasoning Practice Questions

Practice Questions

Question Difficulty
Samuel's Fishing Dilemma Hard
State Representatives Hard
Net Neutrality Debate Hard
Cancer Prevention Hard
Red Wine Cork Intermediate
Government Censorship Intermediate
Detective Mystery Intermediate
Unbreakable Encryption Intermediate
Crop Failure Intermediate
Skeletal Heat Intermediate
Ozone Decay Intermediate
Flex Time Intermediate
Genetic Therapy Intermediate
An Unpopular Party Intermediate
Smoking Concentration Intermediate
Tax Cut Debate Intermediate
Peanut Butter Recall Intermediate
E-News Ads Intermediate
MicroChip Correction Intermediate
Twenty Something Saving Intermediate
Depression Correction Intermediate
Bridge Reinforcement Intermediate
Health Care in a Modern Economy Easy
Medial Tibial Syndrome Easy
Tire Wear Down Easy
Profitable Software Easy

The most important part of GMAT prep is working practice problems. Consequently, we are delighted to offer these free practice GMAT critical reasoning questions with thorough answers. Based upon our data algorithms and internal testing, we are confident that our proprietary custom-written questions provide a good means to practice the thinking patterns likely to appear in critical reasoning questions on the GMAT.