GMAT Data Sufficiency Practice Questions

Question Difficulty: Hard | Intermediate | Easy

Hard Practice Questions

Practice Question Category Study Guide
XY Cubed Substitution Exponential Equations
WXYZ Remainder Number Properties
4 Powerful XYs Exponential Equations
Counting 9s Number Properties
Even Prime Addition Mystery Number Properties
75 Exponential Comparison Exponential Equations
Exponential Production Number Properties
CD-Remainder Number Properties
X Mystery Statistics
Indexing A Comparison Inequalities
Simultaneous Equations
ABC Area Angles
X - Y Divisibility Number Properties
Prime Operation Number Properties
Self-Exponential Exponential Equations
Root Comparison Quadratic Equations
Four Pieces Simultaneous Equations
John's Parting Gift Simultaneous Equations
2 NK Signs Number Properties
Triangle Dilemma Triangles
Three's Company Statistics
Prime Candidate Number Properties

Intermediate Practice Questions

Practice Question Category Study Guide
ABC Detour Pythagorean Theorem
Sum Sign Number Properties
Odd Enough Number Properties
Simply X, Y, and Z Exponential Equations
Signed IN Exponential Equations
Prime Counting Number Properties
Confessing to the Price Change Simultaneous Equations
Solving X Simplifying Expression
An Exponential Comparison Exponential Equations
Absolute Value
For Divisibility Number Properties
Chef Martha Fractions
Vista Sales Percents
An Odd Sum Number Properties
ZN Inequality Inequalities
Peter's Route to Work Simultaneous Equations
Counting AB Integers Inequalities
Simply CD Simplifying Expressions
Sweet Ratios Fractions
Staff Breakdown Percents
Percent Composition Fractions
Simplifying Expressions
Midpoint Mess Lines
A-B Simultaneous Simultaneous Equations
N Squared Duo Exponential Equations
Simplifying Expression
John's Revenue Inequalities
Remainder X Number Properties
Odd Summation Number Properties

Easy Practice Questions

Practice Question Category Study Guide
Mean Mess Statistics
Negative N Number Properties
Measuring Angle C Triangles
Caught Speeding Linear Equation
1 ZN Inequality Fractions
A Negative Negative Number Properties
B + A Inequality Inequalities
Simply X-Y-Z Simplifying Expressions
Prime Inequality Number Properties

The most important part of GMAT prep is working practice problems. We hope you benefited from these 50 free practice GMAT data sufficiency questions with thorough answers. Based upon internal testing and sophisticated algorithms, we believe our proprietary custom-written questions provide an excellent means to practice the mathematics concepts you will likely be tested on. Please feel free to download and distribute the accompanying PDF, which contains data sufficiency questions.