GMAT Problem Solving Practice Questions

Question Difficulty: Hard | Intermediate | Easy

Hard Practice Questions

Practice Question Category Study Guide
Birthday Probability Probability
679 Units Digit Remainder Number Properties
Xponential Mystery Exponential Equations
Number Properties
3Z Powers Exponential Equations
Squared Circular Difference Area
Coordinate Geometry
Circular Triangle Ratio Area
Three Dice Probability
Project Manager Probability
Class Survey Probability
Substance Ratios Fractions
Seven Letter Percent Combinatorics
Units Digit Madness Number Properties
Mariah's Employees Combinatorics
Test Writing Probability
Sum of Consecutive Integers Operations
Blue Flag, Red Flag Probability
Coin Sum Combinatorics
Five Empty Chairs Probability
Computer Game Sales Quadratic Equations
Simultaneous Equations
Consecutive Integers Number Properties
Manufacturing Hours Percents
PZ Remainder Number Properties
Sizing Up Two Circles Circles
Median S Statistics
Fashion Show Stance Combinatorics
A Row of Seven Combinatorics

Intermediate Practice Questions

Practice Question Category Study Guide
Consulting Computer Mix Percents
Infection A and B Probability
John's Powerful Pump Fractions
Tracking the Increase of 4x Exponential Equations
Number Properties
Fractional Function Power Exponential Equations
Less Than One Exponential Equations
Restaurant Bill Percents
Basketball Games Combinatorics
Banking Account Comparison Simultaneous Equations
Computer Discount Percents
Square Root Setup Exponential Equations
Gender Ratio Simultaneous Equations
Absentee Ballots Fractions
Powers of Ten Exponential Equations
Green Circles Area
Functioning Powers Exponential Equations
Baseball Ratio Range Fractions
Rooted Around the Y-Axis Coordinate Geometry
Quadratic Equations
Superior INSecurity Probability Probability
BC Mean Statistics
Reverse Factoring Quadratic Equations
13-26 Factoring Simplifying Expressions
Hard Drive Failure Percents

Easy Practice Questions

Practice Question Category Study Guide
43-50 Prime Product Number Properties
Peter's Dash Simultaneous Equations
Simultaneous XY Simultaneous Equations
Advertisement Impact Percents
Mixing Oil With Water Percents
Miles and Feet Operations
Wide-Ranging Inequality Inequalities
Quadratic Elimination Exponential Equations
The Median Hour Statistics
x and y + 4 Fractional Comparison Fractions
Function n#z Operations
Circular XY Comparison Circles
50x Divisibility Number Properties

Although studying theoretical mathematics concepts is an important component of GMAT prep, it is perhaps more important to work numerous practice problems. Consequently, we hope you enjoyed these 50 free practice GMAT problem solving questions with thorough answers. We strongly believe that our proprietary custom-written problems offer a remarkably realistic means of practicing mathematics concepts likely to be tested. Please feel free to download and distribute the accompanying PDF (another PDF too), which contains problem solving questions.