GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

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Passage 1: Evolution in Internet Marketing

Passage 2: The SWIFT Financial Controversy

Passage 3: E-Community Externality

Passage 4: European Colonization & Its Consequences

Passage 5: Perestroika & the Fall of the USSR

Passage 6: War Speech at Obersalzberg

Passage 7: Herman Cortes & the Fall of the Aztec Empire

We believe that to succeed at reading comprehension questions--problems that lack the type of explicitly objective concepts that appear in the mathematics section--students must practice in order to ascertain a nuanced feel for the common problem types. Consequently, we offer numerous free practice GMAT reading comprehension questions with thorough answers to help your GMAT prep. As a result of our research, testing, and algorithms, we believe that these proprietary custom-written problems will enable you to gain a more nuanced feel for GMAT reading comprehension questions.