GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

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Passage 1: Evolution in Internet Marketing

Question Difficulty
Pay-per-Performance Hard
The Main Idea Hard
Pop-Up Status Hard
Click Fraud Intermediate
Internet vs. Television Easy
Attributes for Success Easy
Author's Tone Easy

Passage 2: The SWIFT Financial Controversy

Question Difficulty
A SWIFT Inference Hard
An Ethical Justification Hard
Ethical Analysis Intermediate
Describing SWIFT Intermediate
Consequential Cooperation Intermediate
The Main Point Easy
Ostensibly Used Easy

Passage 3: E-Community Externality

Question Difficulty
A Risky Implication Hard
A Logical Flow Hard
A Protective Step Intermediate
A Final Tone Intermediate
A Privacy Threat Intermediate
A Primary Purpose Easy
A Final Purpose Easy

Passage 4: European Colonization & Its Consequences

Question Difficulty
Japanese Government Belief Hard
Best Characterized Hard
Article Eight Hard
Culture & History Intermediate
Big Fears Intermediate
Protective Actions Intermediate
A Primary Country Intermediate

Passage 5: Perestroika & the Fall of the USSR

Question Difficulty
Perestroika's Objective Hard
Soviet Economic Implications Hard
The Impact of Perestroika Hard
Perestroika and the Fall of the USSR Intermediate
An Unthinkable Idea Intermediate
The Need for Perestroika Easy
Tone Deaf Easy

Passage 6: War Speech at Obersalzberg

Question Difficulty
Military Confidence Hard
A Primary Concern Intermediate
Napoleonic Missteps Intermediate
Campaign Failure Intermediate
Confidence in War Intermediate
Taking Poland Easy
Timeline Easy

Passage 7: Herman Cortes & the Fall of the Aztec Empire

Question Difficulty
Main Point Intermediate
Sequentially Organized Intermediate
Unconventional Confrontation Intermediate
The Roots of Success Easy
Aztec Inevitability Easy
Aztec Influence Easy
Impressive Success Easy
Tone Considered Easy

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