GMAT Sentence Correction Practice Questions

Question Difficulty: Hard | Intermediate | Easy

Hard Practice Questions

Cost Troubles
Musical Legacy
Grasping History
Park Upkeep
Promises Broken
Depression Recovery
A Delicious Dilemma
A Gripping Book
OLC Memo
East African Elections
Noble Gases
Going, Going, Gone
Land Loss
Chicken Gizzards
Cat Noise

Intermediate Practice Questions

Legal Writings
The Government's Argument
Extra Cost
New Management
Solicitor General
Political Decision
Indexing Algorithms
Leaving Home
Limited Liability
Employment Search
Eavesdropping Authorization
Polluted Water
Exeter Recycling
9-0 Ruling
Home Foreclosure Flood
Historical Regard
AMD Growth
The Battle of Bull Run
Differing Arguments
Indefinite Detention
Economic Programs
Homer's Anger
Policy Tension
Important Choices
Opinion Rejected
Glucose Uptake
Reporting Optimism
Regulation Debate

Easy Practice Questions

Comparing History
It Felt Like Home
Ancient Art
Stressful Problems
Urgent Warnings
Nuclear Showdown
Lion Coaching
Mediolanurn Meeting
A New Deal
Endangered Land
August Writings

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